Chimney Works

Chimneys can create a great feature for any home. Providing a natural heating system with a friendly fire in your home to keep you warm throughout the winter or as a great visual feature throuhgout the year. Chimneys have to put up with a lot: condensation, extreme weather condition and heating a cooling systems. Here at Reactive Roofing Services we can provide you with a sustainable and quality assured chimney system to provide you with years of enjoyment.

roofing, chimney, repairs, installation

We do new chimney installations, we will come and do a survey and provide the best method for your vision. Working closely with complimentary materials and systems we can design any chimney feature that you look and get it installed in no time.

roofing, chimney, repairs, installation, lead

Is your chimney not surviving? We also carry out maintenance and repairs to chimney systems including flue maintenance and lining systems to provide quality assured and long-standing refurbishment. Water leaking, Cracking, element exposure, usage, time, and lack of maintenance can render your chimney structurally vulnerable, resulting in the need for chimney maintence, repairs or total chimney rebuild. We are here to help.


We always use the best materials and the most up to date processes to ensure your chimney design. We work closely with quality scaffolding companies to ensure that health and safety precaution are always followed to ensure our work is fulfilled thoroughly for peace of mind.

For any of your chimney maintenance, repairs or installation then do not hesitate to contact us.