Flat Roofing

Whether you need a flat roof for your home, a new extension or business premises, look no further than Reactive Roofing Services. A flat roof is actually a slight misconception; in order for the rainwater to run away, flat roofs should have a pitch of a few degrees. Flat roofing is both efficient and economic which, as the owner will save energy and money. This construction will involve considerably less man-hours and materials compared to its counterpart the pitched roof. Traditionally flat roofs were covered with a three-layer pour and roll system using hot oxidised bitumen. Times have moved on along with roofing techniques and materials. Please contact us for more information.

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Flat roofing is extremely cost effective, quick but also gives an amazing finish. The is a great solution for many roofing visions, giving the buyer a sleek look in the least amount of time.

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We always use the most extensive and up to date technology to ensure the best quality service as is possible. A high performance torch on felt system is used to replace the oxidised bitumen and here at Reactive Roofing Services EPDM firestone rubber cover and GRP fibreglass roofing is also an option as a roof covering.

Contact us now to create your how sleek, stylish and cost-effective flat roofing system.