Lead Work Services

Whether you need a whole roof in lead or just a lead finish, our lead work specialist will advise you on the best solution and ensure the lead work is installed to the very highest standard.

roofing, chimney, repairs, installation

Reactive Roofing Services specialises in lead work service. We can provide you anything from repairs and maintenance to a full installation. If your lead roof is starting to show signs of fatigue including any ripples or splits then we can provide  a cost effective repair to boost the life span of your roof.

roofing, chimney, repairs, installation, lead

With many years of experience our staff can perform accurate lead welding for all your maintenance needs. With much knowledge on welding and bossing techniques our staff ensure quality workmanship every time.

Lead Characteristics:-

  • Thermal Movement
  • Wind, lift and movement
  • Moisture Corrosion



Lead sheet is a reliable material. In the hands of a person trained and experienced in lead working skills it will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building, but will keep the building dry for many years.

Why use lead ?

Lead has an excellent reputation for logevity and provides excellent protection against the elements. Lead has been used for many years and has a proven record for its waterproof ability.

For all your lead work service needs, please contact us.